How It Works

How Does Ocuvers Hyaluron Eye Spray Work?​

Damaged lipid layer breaks up too early

Modern living (increased screen time and air conditioning), ageing and contact lens wear can cause the eye’s natural moisture barrier (lipid layer) to break up allowing moisture to evaporate and leaving your eyes feeling dry and irritated.

Phospholipids from Ocuvers Eye Spray

Phospholipids mix with the natural lipids in the eyelid

Ocuvers Hyaluron spray contains active ingredient phospholipid which will help to repair and stabilize the lipid layer, it also contains hyaluronic acid which will help to replenish the water layer. This dual action of Ocuvers Hyaluron eye spray helps to address the different causes of dry eye.

Ocuvers hyaluron spray is sprayed onto closed eyes. The eyelids should be kept closed afterwards (for 5 seconds) to enable the phospholipid to migrate towards the edge of the eyelids.

Stabilized Lipid Layer

Helps repair the lipid layer

Once the ingredients reach the edge of the eyelid, blinking will distribute the ingredients onto the surface of the eye and helps repair the lipid layer, allowing for better retention of natural moisture.

Ocuvers Hyaluron with Active Ingredient Phospholipid

Most eye lubricant only replenishes the water layer of the tear film, therefore it needs to be re-applied frequently because they do not seal in moisture.

Ocuvers Hyaluron with active ingredient phospholipid helps to repair the lipid layer hence addresses the tears evaporation issue that affects most dry eye sufferers.

Video: The solution for dry eyes

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